RetroSampler Pro

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RetroSampler Pro

Ternär Music Technology
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RetroSampler Pro is a lo-fi sample player inspired by hardware samplers of the 90s. It features adjustable sample and bit rates, clock jitter control, low pass filter with drive control and an integrated ADSR envelope. Lowering the sample rate will introduce the sought-after "ringing" effect found in older samplers which is not just a simple decimation effect: the resampling algorithm accurately follows the transposed pitch without interpolation.
The sound can further be manipulated with 3 independent LFOs and 9 possible destination.

To try some of the features, get the free basic version RetroSampler.


  • Sample playback of mono and stereo wav files
  • Adjustable sample and bit rates (ulaw companded) with clock jitter control and imaging filter
  • Coarse and fine control over the sample's pitch
  • Coarse and fine control over the start and end points of the sample
  • Samples can be looped and freely run without phase reset when unchecking the sync button
  • Unique filter design with drive and resonance controls. Lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch filters available
  • Good old linear ADSR envelope with amount over filter frequency
  • 3 independent LFOs with 9 possible destinations


  • Version 2.1-Beta:
    • Fixed wrong envelope time calculations due to downsampling
    • Added polyphony with up to 8 voices (experimental)
  • Version 2.0:
    • Initial release

Known issues:

  • Due to a bug when recalling settings of the Max ADSR control, editing has been turned off for now. Use the sliders below to adjust the settings.
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