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Waveform Manufacturing and Machinery Est. 2017 in Berlin


FrenchPump Update 1.1.2 ⛽

Flechtwerk Update 1.4: Now with 8 Additional Synthesizer Models!

New Release: Akaroid - Brick A Leg EP! 🧱

Halloween Sale! Use Code HALLOWEEN50 to get 50% off all M4L Devices

End Of Summer Sale: 20% Off with Code ENDSUMMER20 🌞

Hotfix for FrenchPump and iOS Development News! 🩹📰

FrenchPump Update 1.1 Released! 🥐⛽

Triplex Machines iOS Release + 33% off all M4L Devices with code TRINITY 🫧

TriplexClassic Now Available For iOS! 📱

RetroSampler/RetroSampler Pro Update 2.2! 🤖

Flechtwerk Version 1.3 Released + 30% Discount Code 🌟

Flechwerk Pro Version 1.2 released! 🧺

Triplex Machines bundle now available for Max for Live! 🎹

ChannelStrip for iOS Introductory Sale 📲

A Free Simple Ducker Device 🦆

Flechtwerk Pro 1.1 Update 🧺

How to achieve that French House Pump in Ableton Live! ⛽

It's that time again: Ternär Spring Sale! 🙌🏻

Be ahead of the sound design game with this Waveshaper!

Hotfix for ChannelStrip / ChannelStrip Pro

Maintenance update for ChannelStrip / ChannelStrip Pro

New Mutable Instruments Plaits clone: Flechtwerk & Flechtwerk Pro

New Device: DmmG / Pro

RetroSampler Pro - new Beta version with Polyphony

New free M4L device: MECKI

RetroSampler 2.0 and *drum roll* RetroSampler Pro!

ChannelStrip and ChannelStrip Pro M4L devices

New Triplex Snapper plugin and huge 50% Christmas Sale!

New M4L Device: Combine Sequencer

Triplex Kicker release and Triplex Classic update!

Triplex Classic FM synthesizer version 0.2.0

New Device: Kickster!

New Sample Pack and updated Triplex Classic VST

Introducing: Triplex Classic FM Synthesizer!

It's Anti-Aliasing week at Ternär Music Technology!

Releasing RetroSampler 1.0 and we accept PayPal payments now!

BitEcho and BitEcho Pro updated to version 1.01

Hatster and Hatster Pro updated to version 1.1

BitEcho and BitEcho Pro out now!